Bouganvillea Californiana

Bouganvillea Californiana is a climber native to South America belonging to the Nyctaginaceae family. It can reach a height of almost ten meters and boasts rounded foliage and rather small flowers, gathered in clusters. The real peculiarity, however, are the bracts that surround them, with rich colors, which can range from red to pink, but are also available in white and yellow. The inflorescences make their appearance from the first heat until October. It requires a very sunny exposure and warm cultivation temperatures. It must be kept away from cold currents. It doesn’t need too many waterings and the soil should dry out completely before watering again. It can be fertilized with an organic product for flowering plants once every three weeks. Requires well drained soil.


Additional information

periodo fioritura

Spring, Summer


High, Middle


Full Sun, Sheltered